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What is Lava Lips, better yet what are Lava Lips, as we like to think in the plural. Lava Lips are the culmination of rolling heat arriving on the coattails of desired flavor that only a good hot sauce can provide. This eruption of taste explodes through each pore of one’s mouth, the preheat setting having met it’s intended target. The lips inflate with rushing blood, the overflow of heat sweating out around the edges. The tongue passes over the burn in a futile attempt to cool, even if only for its own sake. This sensory sensation is what we refer to as Lava Lips.

Hi, we are Lisa and Michael Siemer and we started Lava Lips hot and spicy tasting bar as an opportunity to experience this phenomena the right way. Sit down under the canopy of our exotic Tiki bar and sample any and all of our offerings. To maximize the creation of your Lava Lips we offer product lines produced with natural ingredients in small batches by people who love the pursuit of heat perfection. Chefs and chemist, rockers, farmers and fanatics, these are the purveyors of our sweet pain. Heat cannot be limited to just our hot sauces, permeating thru the salsas, barbeques, mustards, marinades, preserves, jerky and chocolates we sell. We also offer a strong line of rubs to electrify any meat.

Lava Lips is not just about shopping for unique hot sauces. It’s about having a flavorful, fun-time, experimenting with and experiencing that which is not attainable elsewhere. Stop in and enjoy the tropical ambience while your endorphins awaken, your adrenaline rises and your lips turn to luscious lava. Can I get an “amen” to that?!?

Our Crazy Skills

Finding Unique Hot Sauces 90
Having Fun 95
Making Our Awesome Clients Happy 100
Culinary Exploration 75

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