Hot Sauce

How to Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Different Types of Hot Sauces

Have you ever wanted to make your own hot sauce? If you’ve read our previously blogs then you’re becoming well informed about peppers and their history, pretty soon you’ll be an expert. Who said learning couldn’t be fun? And just think of how proud your teachers would be of you for […]

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History of Hot Sauce

This History of Hot Sauce is its own Journey Around the World!
If you’re reading this right now it’s probably safe to say you’re a hot sauce fanatic like us. Well wouldn’t it be great if you could prove your loyalty to the all mighty chili pepper and its hot friends by being able to talk […]

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The Tabasco Sauce Controversy

Written by: Lisa Siemer
Let me tell you a little about the origins of the Tabasco Sauce Controversy…
Tabasco Sauce
Arguably the most popular brand of hot sauce in the world. This simple, delectable condiment is the icing on the cake for those who like to spice things up.

Trademarked by Edward McIlhenny with a history dating back to […]

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Using Pepper to Make Hot Sauce

Hot sauces aren’t created equal. However, there is one common factor they all share, and that’s the chili pepper. Since the creation of Tabasco sauce, peppers have been used for their distinctively zesty punch to add spark to all kinds of different foods. Look at the back of the label on any Hot Sauce and […]

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Choosing the “Right” Hot Sauce

Written by: Lisa Siemer

If you’re a hot sauce enthusiast then you probably have a favorite Hot Sauce. That one special brand that makes you stop people when they’re eating to say, “you’re not eating that food right! Put “insert favorite hot sauce here” on it so it’ll actually taste good!” And hey we aren’t here […]

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Where Does Hot Sauce Come From?

The Origin of Hot Peppers and Where Does Hot Sauce Come From
Habanero? Serrano? Harrissa? Gochujang? Where in the world does hot sauce come from????

Chili peppers and other hot spices have been around for thousands of years and humans have been using them to spice things up since the beginning. Residents of South and Central America along […]

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Hot Sauce Lovers Rejoice!

Okay hot sauce lovers, since this is the very first blog from Lava Lips Indy, it is only befitting to start from the beginning. You know – the actual history of the stuff that we absolutely love! And why not, after all, would it not be wise to find out ‘the who, what & where’ […]

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