Written by: Lisa Siemer

If you’re a hot sauce enthusiast then you probably have a favorite Hot Sauce. That one special brand that makes you stop people when they’re eating to say, “you’re not eating that food right! Put “insert favorite hot sauce here” on it so it’ll actually taste good!” And hey we aren’t here to argue with you, we agree that you ARE doing them a favor…although might we recommend “insert our favorite hot sauce” for them to try instead.

You’ve heard the phrase there’s plenty fish in the sea, well with hot sauce there’s plenty of wood in the fire. Hot sauces come in thousands of different flavors and intensities, all with their own flavorful construction and most with the intention of setting your mouth on fire…in a good way of course!

Hot sauces come in a variety of styles and zest. Some thick and mild, others runny and tangy. Some companies make their hot sauce with the goal of having the spiciest blend, while others focus on a particular flavor and taste. The characteristics of each sauce comes from the different peppers being used, the amount they used, how they prepare them and the supplemental ingredients and spices the sauce includes. The beauty of these disparities is that we have a near endless supply of hot sauces to choose from and the best kind for you is dependent on what you’re looking for in a hot sauce.

If you’re looking to impress your friends by trying the hottest of the hot sauces (and possibly spending a night in the hospital), you’ll want to find a bottle that incorporates the chili pepper. This fiercely frightening pepper ranks at the top of the list on the Scoville Scale – a measurement of the pungency (spiciness) of peppers.

Assplosion-Hot-SauceIf you aren’t that cocky and just want something that tastes good or has a certain tang or simply one that has a funny name then you’ll certainly have no lack of choices. You should spend some time looking up hot sauces online, asking friends what they recommend, or going to a Hot Sauce Convention to figure out what’s best.

Also we’re fortunate enough to be living in a time where hot sauce stores have been popping up much more frequently. Visit one to find an array of options for all kinds of hot sauces, and ask an employee or Contact Us Today to get quick recommendations.

Finding the right hot sauce can take time, but it’s worth the trial and error. And with hot sauce names like “Bee Sting”, “Arizona Gunslinger” “Da Bomb” and “Assplosion” you know that somewhere out there is the perfect bottle for you!

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