Written by: Lisa Siemer

Salsa – the spunky tomato-based cousin of hot sauce – is often the reason you’ll find a five pound bag of chips stocked in kitchen pantries. The perfect sweet or spicy, (or both) compliment to our favorite salty corn based products, fresh Salsa has its own diverse market of flavorful options.

The key to any good salsa dish is the freshness and quality of the produce, herbs and spices being used. As with Hot Sauces, there are many different kinds of salsas, all offering their own unique blend of flavors…

Pico de Gallo – the staple to any good Mexican dish. Pico de Gallo is a mild tasting salsa made with raw tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime and spices.

Salsa Verde – also known as Green Sauce can offer a subtle kick and enhance the flavor of any savory or salty meal. Salsa verse is made with tomatillos and a variety of different herbs.

Salsa Ranchera – Let’s call this the renegade of salsas. For those who like it hot, meaning this salsa is right up our alley, salsa ranchera can be used to spice up any dish. This condiment is made with roasted tomatoes, a selection of different chili peppers (depending on how hot you want it), and an array of spices.

These are just a few offerings of the many types of salsa. And with an abundance of varieties it shouldn’t be hard to find your favorite salsa and be able to pair it with any meal.

Make your Own Fresh Salsa!

Make Your Own Fresh Salsa with Lava LipsNow might we offer some sound advice. If you are searching for the best salsa you may not need to look further than what your own kitchen provides. When it comes to salsa, there aren’t many pre made products that can match the taste of a homemade recipe. The reason is because homemade salsa should be made from fresh salsa ingredients. And as mentioned earlier – fresh, high quality produce, herbs and spices = unmatched, delicious flavor.

Don’t believe us? Then give it a try! Next time you have the hankering for salsa (which after reading this will probably be pretty soon), whip up your own home made batch. You don’t need to be a master chef to make a delectable salsa. Check out recipe books or Google search “salsa recipes” to get a list of ideas. Or why not be bold and create your own using ingredients you know you like?

Once you’ve finished your salsa try comparing it to any store bought version and you’ll find that when it comes to salsa nothing beats fresh ingredients. If you want an easy alternative to homemade salsa, choose from our premium selection of top quality Fresh Salsa Products!

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