This History of Hot Sauce is its own Journey Around the World!

If you’re reading this right now it’s probably safe to say you’re a hot sauce fanatic like us. Well wouldn’t it be great if you could prove your loyalty to the all mighty chili pepper and its hot friends by being able to talk about the history of hot Sauce? Of course it would! Well then read on my friend…

When you go to a restaurant and ask for hot sauce with your meal what does the waiter usually bring back? I’m betting it’s a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and there’s a reason for this. The brand Tabasco has had nearly two decades to perfect their product, with the first bottle being sold in the mid 1800’s!

Use of Hot Sauce in Food

The Tabasco chili was grown by a man named Colonel Maunsell who had the misfortune of befriending Edmund McIlhenny. McIlhenny owned a plantation and grew his own Tabasco chili peppers, but with a twist (Read more about the Maunsell and McIlhenny Dispute). After developing and perfecting his Tabasco he started selling the spicy red sauce and finally trade marked the brand in 1906.The History of Hot Sauce Around The World

This is not the first time humans were able to satisfy their spicy needs. Chili peppers have been used for thousands of years by people from Central America, South America and Mexico. Most sources credit these countries for the rise of the crop since the climate was perfect for chili peppers to grow. Sailors from Europe, Africa and Asia who traveled to these lands were fortunate enough to come across the peppers and bring them back home where they spread like wild fire. And just like here in the states, people started to use the chili peppers to create their own hot sauces.

Now Back to the History of Hot Aauce in America…

During the 1800 and 1900’s the chili peppers were being used and experimented with for meals, spices, rubs and hot sauces – all to satisfy people’s hot tooth…ok so maybe that’s not a word, but sugar fanatics say sweet tooth so why can’t we say “hot tooth”? Anyway, the chili pepper was predominately used in the South for Cajun cooking and other ethnic dishes. This started a boom for farmers, manufactures and entrepreneurs alike to develop their own hot sauces, each with their own unique flavor and range of fiery intensities. Soon hot sauce became just as popular of a condiment as Ketchup and Mustard.

Today you can Google hot sauces (or go strait to our Hot Sauce Products Page) to find all kinds of varieties attuned to your taste. Isn’t it a wonderful world we’re living in? And when your mouth is on fire and you have sweat pouring down your face, you can thank Mr. McIlhenny for kick starting the hot sauce craze here in America.

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