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Hot Sauce

For as long as chili peppers have been cultivated, at least 100,000 years, humans have been trying their hand at creating new and exciting flavors to add to their foods. The chili pepper plant is native to the Aztec region of Southern Mexico and was since carried across Europe and into Asia and Africa where the plant is now widely used for countless purposes in the culinary world. Today there is a hot sauce for just about any taste bud. Although the term “hot” is associated, flavors can vary from mildly spicy, to sweet, to savory to tangy to the hottest of the hot.

BBQ Sauce

In its simplest form, barbecue sauce is made using a tomato or vinegar base, sugars or molasses for sweetness, liquid smoke and varying spices. Although the history of this sauce isn’t very defined, the ideas and reasoning for it’s creation and use date back hundreds of years when people were discovering new ways to prepare and preserve meats. In the present day, barbecue sauce is a staple of household condiments around the world, and with the wide variety in production today there is a flavor to suit virtually any taste bud.


In this day and age, really regardless of the culture, the best tasty treats at gatherings and parties are complimented by some sort of dip. Dips have the power to bring life and flavor to the simplest food items.

Dry Rub

A great and quicker alternative to marinades are dry rubs. Dry rubs take the liquid out of the equation, combining various herbs and spices to create a tasty mixture for pre-seasoning your favorite meats. The flavors are often absorbed by meat products far quicker than marinades, greatly shortening the time from preparation to the table. While marinades to best to moisten lean meats, fatty meats make a perfect match for dry rubs.


Seasoning can turn the most simple and dull meals into a flavorful and delicious treat to the taste buds. They have the power to not only add their own flavors to compliment a dish, but also bring out the existing flavors of the dish they are added to.


In it’s most well known form, mustard is the most important condiment for a true Chicago style hot dog. But the varieties and flavors of mustards in the present day can offer a compliment to virtually any snack or meal from the simplest to the most extravagant.


Stemming from the need to make fruits and vegetables last a little longer, preserves make for a deliciously sweet compliment to everything from your morning toast, to your most elegant horderves. Preserves can take many forms from the firm and jelly like to the smoothest butters to the chunkiest marmalades and conserves.


The ultimate party side to compliment your favorite chips, salsa (literally meaning sauce to the English language) is a Mexican style dip comprised of raw diced or blended tomatoes combined with anything from simple spices to other veggies, rice and beans.


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