Barbecue by Lava Lips“Barbecue” is the English adaption to the Spanish word “barbacoa” or the Taino Native American word “barabicoa”. Barbecue Sauce has become one of the most ubiquitous sauces of the present day culinary world. Simply put, barbecue sauce is a sauce classically used to add flavor to barbecued meat like chicken, pork or ribs whether as a marinade, a basting or a topping. But this sometimes savory, sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet Sauce isn’t just a tasty compliment to meat products, but is widely used on countless other foods all over the world.

The flavors and ingredients found in today’s thousands upon thousands of barbecue sauces vary widely, but generally speaking most include some sort of tomato or vinegar base, varying spices, liquid smoke and some form of sweetener.

Barbecue Sauce by Lava LipsThe history of barbecue sauce isn’t entirely clear. For hundreds of years, the process of meat preservation has been tried and perfected. Over time, it was discovered that smoking, drying, salt soaking and salt packing all aided in helping prolong the life and flavor of various meats. To follow that, these prehistoric chefs of sorts learned ways to improve flavor with spices, herbs, vinegars and oils, leaving little doubt that sauces have roots as bastes or marinades.

The process of basting is to apply the concoction to already cooking meat to add to or replace the moisture that evaporates or drips off in the cooking process. Marinades, on the other hand, are applied prior to cooking to adequately soak, moisturize and flavor a food or rehydrate dried products.

Today there are as many, (if not more) barbecue sauces as there are food items to pair with them. The most popular modern form is the Kansas City Style utilizing a ketchup base. But whether you’re looking for a variation of a classic or a flavor entirely new, Lava Lips has you covered.

We are confident that our selection of Lava Lips Barbecue Sauces will satisfy your needs!