Dip and Vegetables by Lava LipsFor hundreds upon hundreds of years, prehistoric chefs of sorts have been playing with their food. Not so much literally playing (although surely that happened too) but experimenting with ways to prepare and dip foods and flavors to achieve varying desired tastes. Dip and dip combinations began as with anything, from simple ideas based on the “tools” at hand (ie. herbs, spices, vinegars and oils). It was learned early on that preparing food in different ways and adding certain ingredients could not only enhance a flavor but even preserve the food itself.

Today, over much passing time of trial and error, millions of taste tests and the passing on of recipes, ingredients and ideas, there are easily as many (if not more) Sauces, Seasonings and dips enhancing snacks and meals all over the world as there are the food items themselves to pair with.

Dip and Chips by Lava LipsGood company, good music, and a good cocktail aside, dips are usually the life of the party. They are easy and quick to eat while keeping the party going, and add that much needed flavor-literally- to any tray of crackers, chips, veggies, etc. They can be as simple as a few ingredients, or a combination of flavors and secret ingredients that leave mouth’s watering and indulgers begging for more.

At Lava Lips, we want our dips to be just that, the life of the party, quick and simple to prepare and serve and absolutely mouth watering to the taste.

Our Indianapolis Hot Sauce isn’t all we’re known for, try our Lava Lips Dip today!