Dry Rub Ingredients by Lava LipsDry rubs, also commonly known as “dry spice rubs”, make a great compliment to a wide variety of meat dish preparations. But what exactly is a dry rub? Simply put, dry rubs are a mixture of ground herbs and spices- you guessed it, dry- often with salt and or sugar that is then rubbed directly onto a meat cutting prior to cooking. Although essentially the same, if you want to get technical “dry spice rubs” are actually rubs that contain only spices and herbs, while the term “dry rub” technically defines rubs that contain a combination of both herbs and spices. Regardless of the technical terms, the use and application process is essentially the same.

Dry Rub Seasoning by Lava LipsSome rubs are diligently crafted from “scratch” in the sense that seeds and herbs can be ground by the chef’s hand using mortar and pestle, while others can be greatly simplified by using a unique combination of widely available ground spices carried by supermarkets. Recipe aside, why would one opt for a dry rub or dry spice rub over a marinade?

Marinades, a liquid form of flavor enhancement, are also applied prior to cooking. But due to their liquid/runny nature, without proper mixing/rearranging over time some pieces of meat can end up more seasoned than others, while dry rubs tend to stay where they are put while soaking up those tasty flavors. Marinades also add more moisture to the meat, which can be beneficial, and essentially a better choice, for more lean cuts of meat. However, meats with substantial fat content are a perfect match for dry rubs. Dry rubs also tend to penetrate and permeate the meat far quicker than marinades, making prep time a lot shorter. The concept of dry rubs may be a new one for you, many start their barbecuing journeys with their favorite seasoning.

A Lava Lips Dry Rub is the perfect choice when looking for something new or simply restocking the flavors of your existing spice cabinet!