Mustard by Lava Lips

Mustard Seed by Lava LipsMustard is one of the most well known household condiments in the world today and serves as a tasty addition to countless snacks and meals. This flavor filled classic is made from the seeds of the mustard plant, which grows best in temperate climates. Among the over 40 species of mustard plants, the black, brown and white seed species are most often the ones to be used in this tasty production. All parts of the plant are edible, for example, the leaves make for a wonderful compliment to salad dishes. And don’t forget about the health benefits provided by mustard and the mustard seed!

The condiment is created by cracking and mixing the seeds of the plant with a liquid of some sort to activate the pungent flavor. This process creates the popular condiment we put on everything from pretzels to hot dogs. The liquid combined with the ground seeds is dependent on the flavor desired, but everything from water to wine to vinegar to beer have been used to make this tasty Sauce.

Today, the condiment ranges widely from highly processed bright yellow ballpark mustard to the most elegant combination of flavors that can compliment some of the tastiest dishes in the culinary world. They can range from pungent and bitter to sweet and savory and today serve as one of the most popular staples to condiment collections around the world.

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