Preserve Variety by Lava Lips
Preserves are basically exactly what the name implies, a preservation of fruits and vegetables, often to be jarred or canned then sealed and stored for later use. The process has been used for thousands of years by cultures all across the world to both prevent swiftly rotting fruit from spoiling and to stock up on food supplies for unforeseen circumstances like long winters, lost or low harvests, droughts and so on.

Over the ages, different cultures have developed varying Preserving Methods:Fruit Preserves by Lava Lips

  • JellyJellies consist of only strained remains of fruit and pectin to help hold consistency, making it one of the simpler forms of preserves.
  • MarmaladeMarmalades are in some ways the big sister to jellies. While created using a similar process to jelly, marmalade also often has pieces of citrus peel mixed in to add texture and a bit of bitterness
  • ConservesConserves utilize more of the fruit, using full chunks and often combining them with nuts and peppers.
  • ButterButters are the spreadable fruits of the preserve world, created by boiling down fruits and saving the strained pulp to make a smooth even flavor to compliment your favorite foods.
  • Jam – The last, and somewhat all encompassing of the various preserves is jam. Jam, while made similar to jelly, is a blend of not just fruit juices and pectin, but pieces of fruits and even vegetables, often including the seeds. This creates a richer, more spreadable and true to flavor form of preserve.

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