Salsa Peppers by Lava Lips
Salsa, the Spanish word for “Sauce”, is most commonly known as a Mexican style of Dip, referred to by the culture as “salsa picante”.   They are usually served uncooked as a side either blended to a smooth puree style, left somewhat chunky, or served in the pico de gallo style of chopped uniformed chunks of tomatoes and other veggies.

Salsa and Chips by Lava LipsAlthough the name was coined by the Spanish, the preparation has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the Aztecs. Tomatillos (not green tomatoes) and wild tomatoes are native to areas of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Various peppers, beans, seeds and other vegetables were combined with tomatoes and tomatillos to create the staple side to the Aztec diet. The Spaniards were first introduced to tomatoes and subsequently the dish known as salsa after their conquest of the Mexico between 1519 and 1521, which is where the history of salsa becomes a little more defined thanks to the extensive documentation of Aztec culinary history by a Spaniard named Bernadino de Sahagun. It was often served as a side or condiment to foods like turkey, venison and various seafoods. Alonso de Molina, a Spanish missionary and priest, is said to have given the dish its name in 1571.

Jumping forward to modern times, salsas have become one of the most popular and common household condiments or side dishes in many countries, especially America. Many recipes still remain simple and true to their origins, but as with most popular condiments, salsa has been reinvented thousands of times to suit virtually every taste bud.

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