All Kinds of Sauces by Lava LipsThe word sauce is a French derivative of the Latin word Salsa. In this day and age it is a word defining an endless and vast array of liquids or creams and even mixed with solids to compliment a variety of culinary treats. Generally sauces are created to add flavor, aesthetic and moisture to a dish and not typically served on their own.

Dating back thousands of years, as unappealing as it may seem today, sauces were often used to not only add flavor to foods, but to disguise the unpleasant taste of “less than fresh” foods. Today, with the freshness of food being held to a much higher standard, we use them more as a compliment and enhancement to a world of flavors.


Sauce Variety by Lava LipsThe endless variety today is an extension of what is known to the culinary world as the five mother sauces. Velouté, béchamel, espagnole, hollandaise and tomato were named as the building blocks for all other sauce varieties in the 19th century by Marie Antoine Carême, hence the phrase “the five mother sauces”. They are essentially composed of three things- some sort of liquid, flavoring, and a thickening agent. Each of the five mother sauces utilize a different thickener, liquid and preparation process. Today they have influenced the creation of a whole knew world of culinary compliments.

From simple ketchups, to flavor packed barbecues, marinades and Hot Sauces, Lava Lips is the place to find what your taste buds are craving.

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