Spices and Seasoning by Lava LipsFlavor! Without flavor, if it weren’t necessary for life sustenance, food would just not be all that enjoyable to eat. Our taste buds have the power to help us feel comfort and excitement, recall old memories and store new ones, and simply SPICE up our lives. For hundreds upon hundreds of years, human kind has been experimenting with taste. Everything from the way a food item is cooked and preserved to the ways flavors can be combined has been considered for generations. The variety of dishes being manipulated and shared all over the world among different cultures is seemingly endless. There is truly something out there for every taste, but as different as those dishes may be, most all of them take one factor into consideration- seasoning.

Seasoning Ingredients by Lava LipsSeasoning is essentially just the process of adding sugar, salt, spices or herbs to a food or dish to enhance the flavor. As with a Dry Rub, the goal of seasoning is to take the taste of any given food from good to great. Seasonings like salt can be used in different ways, whether to magnify an already existing flavor or draw out moisture and tenderize a dish. Other seasonings, however, can be added to transfer and combine their flavors with a food as well as other aspects of the seasoning itself. The combination of herbs and spices, as well as the timing and precision of application can greatly affect the outcome of a dish.

Take some of the guess work out of it. At Lava Lips we are committed to making spicing up your favorite recipe a breeze. Spend less time grinding and mixing your flavorings and more time indulging in the delicious flavor enhanced dish you created with the help of our line of seasonings.

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